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Oral Language
Skills for Children

Meet Shawndre

Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist with a love for helping children and families.  Early in life, I was fascinated with watching young children as they learned to talk and I enjoyed interacting with little ones at the grocery store or various places in the community. While attending college, I discovered the field of speech and language pathology, which allowed me to follow my passion by working with children to develop their communication skills. 


My clinical journey led to a love of early intervention, literacy, and autism. My professional experience and personal experience as a special-needs mom inspire me to support families by creating books that support language development. 

New Book Coming Fall 2023: "My School Sounds"

Talking With Books


Talking Activates Literacy for Kids


My Morning Sounds is a fun children's story about an energetic rabbit named Kip who is getting ready for school. We follow Kip through his busy morning routine full of wonderful sounds! The alarm clock rings and the school bus beeps! See how many sounds your child recognizes in his/her own morning sounds. Read the book straight through, or incorporate suggestions from the “Tips for Parents”  to create special memories with your child as they get talking with books!

This book was written based on the concept of 'onomatopoeia,' which uses words that imitate the sound that it describes. Reading to your child is one of the best ways to increase oral language and early literacy skills and onomatopoeia makes it easy for your child to participate with you as you read the story. While reading, you will have opportunities to support your child’s language by working on skills such as imitating actions, making speech sounds, learning vocabulary, and answering questions. Practicing these skills strengthens speech and language development and lays the foundation for the reading instruction that will happen in your child’s classroom.

Book Now

This book will be an entertaining learning experience for both parent and child. The environmental sounds, bright colors, and detailed pictures will encourage so much beginning participation, imitation, and interaction from your child, that you will want to read it over and over! Shawndre does at great job of providing tips for parents that will help you find a starting point that is best for your comfort level and how to move your child forward with enjoying literacy. 

- E. Quander, M.ED, Preschool Special Educator

Each page is filled with life - "wiggle, shum, shoop". The words immediately capture your child's attention.  There are recommendations for language expansion and vocabulary building.  This is a great resource! 

- M. Kent, Speech Therapist

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