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Meet Shawndre

Certified Speech-Language Pathologist

I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist with a love for helping children and families. Early in life, I was fascinated with watching young children as they learned to talk and I enjoyed interacting with little ones at the grocery store or various places in the community. While in college, I discovered the field of communication sciences and disorders, which allowed me to follow my passion of helping children develop their communication skills.


 At Towson University, I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees and went on to enjoy working in early intervention. I found fulfillment in serving children with apraxia as well as autism.


I have achieved awards for continuing education from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association and I have provided therapy services in public and private settings for over 22 years, including the highly recognized Kennedy Krieger Institute. The bulk of my career has focused on serving the early childhood population where developing strong oral language and literacy skills is critical for setting little ones up with a strong start on their journeys to become good communicators and readers.


Currently, I am focused on writing books that will provide parents with a fun and powerful way to reinforce speech and language skills at home. I am a mother of a  kiddo with learning differences, which gives me insight into the challenges parents face with their little ones. I hope to help you along on your own special journey!

Shawndre Johnson (in the middle)

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